Authors & Contributors


This curriculum was developed at Kansas State University with the help of many authors, each with unique contributions to the material. This page lists all attributed authors and contributors, as well as links to their respective pages if available. We hope to have everyone who has been a part of this project listed on this page. If you have contributed and are not listed here, please contact us at to be added to this page.


Authors had a key role in the development of modules, videos, assignments, and other core content of the curriculum. Specific parts of the curriculum may include more specific authorship or attribution. Authors are listed alphabetically by surname.


Contributors have provided valuable feedback, reviewed and edited content, or in some other way helped shape and improve the curriculum. Contributors are listed alphabetically by surname within groups.


Graduate Teaching Assistants

  • Kavya Kompella (S22)
  • Raja Farrukh Ali (S20, F20, S21)
  • BreAnn Anshutz (S20)
  • Kyle Glandt (F19)
  • Joshua Schwartz (F19)

Technical Editors

  • Effie Swanson

Video Production

  • Brock Edwards
  • Mohamed Khalil
  • Max Holthaus
  • John Solomon

In addition, we recognize the work of all CC students who have submitted bug reports, typo corrections, or provided feedback!